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NoteTree© Ver 1.0(3)

NoteTree is a powerful information organizer for your handheld PC. The flexible tree based design lets you keep your notes in a structure that makes them all easily accessible to you.

Use NoteTree to keep notes to yourself, reminders, and critical information. The ability to save a tree as an HTML document with a hyperlinked table of contents makes NoteTree ideal for producing meeting agendas, outlines, and many other types of organized documents.

Enter notes directly into NoteTree, and/or import XML and CSV files (comma separated values exported from Excel).  NoteTree has also been designed to be compatible with TreePad© by FreeByte and will
read and write TreePad's .HJT file format.
(NoteTree supports text only HJT files and will not display graphics, hyperlinks or special characters.)

Using NoteTree's file import feature allows you to merge data from several files into one Cabinet of information. Each NoteTree Cabinet becomes an instant, easy-to-access repository for related
information. The one-touch expand / compress ability and Search functions make it very easy to find the information you need, when you need it.

Any of the items on a tree can also be Password protected to
keep your information confidential.

Click on the picture to view an animated NoteTree demonstration.

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Download a fully operating 30-day trial.  - Version 1.0(3) released June 30, 2003

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Requirements: Requires Pocket PC (Windows CE) with about 75KB of storage memory

Compatible Devices/Operating System: Casio Cassiopeia, Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada, Toshiba e570


Download the free 30-day trial version Version 1.0(3) released June 30, 2002


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